The Ugly Oak Pot - Fall 2007

A series of one act plays

Directed by John Athas, Performed in the Blackbox Theatre (Bishop Lynch)

Pot Boiler

by Alice Gerstenberg

The Pot Boiler, a one-act satire by Alice Gerstenberg, is a classic of the American stage. It shows Mr. Sud demonstrating how a truly great playwright (himself) constructs a play. For blocking, he uses desk-top items—so we have Mrs. Pencil, Mr. Ruler, Mr. and Miss Ivory (letter openers, of course), and Mr. Inkwell. As he piles cliche upon cliche and the melodramatic plot unfolds, it becomes obvious that this brilliant satire might be describing one or more prominent playwrights of today.

The Cast included:

  • Brett Ensor as THOMAS SUDS

  • Margaret Lewis as MRS. IVORY

  • Caitrin Zellers as MISS WOULDBY

  • Lindsay Sawyer as MISS IVORY

  • Michael Jarvis as MR. RULER

  • Maggie Carter as MRS. PENCIL

  • Kevin Theall as MR. INKWELL


Fumed Oak

by Noel Coward

Fumed Oak is a short play in two scenes by Noël Coward. Coward billed the work as an "unpleasant comedy in two scenes". The play concerns a downtrodden, middle-aged salesman who, having saved up enough money to cut all ties, walks out on his wife, mother-in-law and "horrible adenoidal daughter", having first told all three what he thinks of them.

The Cast included:

  • Joe Radoszewski as HENRY

  • Simone Clayton as ELSIE

  • Margaret Lewis as DORIS

  • Megan Clewis as MRS. ROCKETT

The Ugly Duckling

by A.A. Milne

A King and a Queen have a hard time marrying their daughter, an ugly princess. "Her beauty is certainly elusive, Your Majesty!" "Yes, it has eluded you, it has eluded me, it has eluded everyone who has met her." They devise a scheme to marry her to a prince from a far away land. To every suitor they ask a ridiculously easy question, in the hopes they will marry the UGLY princess. But the princess is so ugly that all the princes guess wrong. So, to meet the next suitor, the Princess Camilla disguises herself as her maid Dulcibella, while Dulcibella pretends to be Princess Camilla.

However, Prince Simon has also disguised himself as his servant Carlo, and dressed Carlo up as the prince because he felt he wasn't handsome enough. Both the pretend prince and princess are insanely dull witted, which just adds to the entertainment.

The Cast included:

  • Michael Jarvis as THE KING

  • Megan Clewis as THE QUEEN

  • Sarah Falk as PRINCESS CAMILLA

  • Lindsay Sawyer as DULCIBELLA

  • Brett Ensor /Gabbi Briones as THE CHANCELLOR

  • Kevin  Theall as PRINCE SIMON

  • Joe Radoszewski as CARLO

Poster Artwork by Frank Brown

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