Senior Retreat

Participation in the Senior Retreat is MANDATORY - a Graduation requirement. 

  • The Senior Retreat will take place on September 17-18, 2017 at the Greene Family Camp near Waco, Texas.
  • Students will be transported by buses, leaving on Sunday morning, September 17 and returning on Monday, September 18.
  • Mass will be celebrated at the retreat on Sunday evening.
  • Students are to arrive in the Bishop Lynch Atrium no later than 8:15 am. Do not plan to leave a vehicle at BL overnight. Please arrange to be dropped-off.
  • Luggage and all carry items (pillows, backpacks, and purses) are to be placed outside the main school entrance. Remember to pack light . . . you have to carry whatever you bring!
  • Plan on picking up Monday around 3:45 pm in the BL Football Stadium parking lot.


  • No cell phones, iPods, etc. may be used during retreat activities.
  • Students are not to leave their cabins after lights out.
    • No students are allowed in cabins of students of the opposite sex for any reason.
    • Students who violate any rules/guidelines/instructions may be asked to call parents, leave the retreat, and be subject to policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

What to bring for service project

A-F: bring shampoo/soap, travel size (at least 3 each)
G-L: toothbrushes/toothpaste (travel size, at least 3 each)
M-P deodorant
Q-R: small snacks (trail mix, granola bars)
S-Z: pairs of socks and thinking of you cards

You can drop them off in Mr. Schreiber's classroom 145.


A refillable water/sports bottle
Bug Spray
Sun Screen
Sleeping bag (or sheets) - Cabins are air-conditioned
Personal Toiletries
One small carrying bag
MODEST Swimming suit
Two changes of clothes to suit the weather
Extra Sweatshirt or sweater
MEDICATIONS - all prescriptions and over-the-counter meds must be given to the nurse.
Snacks in FACTORY-SEALED containers only - no homemade foods are allowed.


      • DRINKS (water will be provided - sodas may be purchased)
      • Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco Products
      • Anything else prohibited in the Student Handbook


Parent volunteers are needed to provide "late night snacks" for the students

Parent Letters


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