The BL VIRTUAL BOOKSTORE for 2017-2018 School Year is OPEN!

NOTICE:  Digital content is non-transferrable and non-refundable after code is activated. Please refer to the return policy for eContect, eBooks or eChapters found in the Virtual Bookstore.

ATTENTION:  Important digital access information!  Publishers do not deliver digital access in the same manner. There are 4 ways you may receive your digital access. 

1.) You will get an email with an access code and instructions to activate that code.  
2.) You will receive the code by postal service (snail mail).  
3.)  You will show a receipt to your instructor to receive your access code. 
Or 4.)  Your access code was created and activated and you will receive this information through your instructor. Please do not assume you will receive your code via email. Publishers do not operate universally when it comes to their digital content.

Also, for future reference, I would like to encourage purchasing your textbooks/ebooks during the free shipping week of July 17th. This gives ample time to restock inventory when quantities are low.  There seems to be a trend of waiting until the week before or the week school starts to place orders.  This puts those students at a disadvantage in class when they do not have the necessary materials.

Both the STORE and the LIST should be compared for a comprehensive view of materials required.  Not all materials are on one site.  For instance, not all digital options are listed on the Booklist, nor is the calculator required for Math listed in the Virtual Bookstore.

Remember, the textbook format is your option.  If a digital ebook is listed in the Virtual Bookstore, you have the option of the hardcover textbook OR the digital ebook.  Both are not required, unless sold in a ‘bundle’ or ‘print combo’.  Note that some classes will require a digital site for homework, activities, or quizzes.  This is in addition to the text (whether in hardcover or ebook format) and is the equivalent of a workbook.

>>BL Virtual Bookstore

Discontinued Textbooks List

The list of discontinued textbooks (those textbooks that will not be used for the 2017-2018 school year) will be distributed to all students the first week in May 2017.  At that time, you may also access the discontinued list on this web page.

When completing your order through MBS Direct during checkout, you will see “MBS Direct recommends……”. These are suggested study guides and resources NOT required by Bishop Lynch. They are merely recommended by MBS Direct.

NOTICE:  Students in 519 Advanced Precal only

The Precalculus with Limits (High School Edition) textbook and Math XL for School, course #519 Advanced Precal, will NOT be used for the 2017-2018 school year.  Materials will be available from another source.  Additional information will be forthcoming.  

This does not affect Precal regular and honors courses.


Textbooks Documents
Name Owner Date  
2017-2018 Booklist (PDF)   Lori L. Rodriguez 6/30/2017 8:42:00 AM    

2017-2018 Booklist (Excel Document)   Lori L. Rodriguez 6/30/2017 8:41:10 AM    

Deleted Textbook List 2016-2017   Lori L. Rodriguez 6/5/2017 9:49:45 AM    

2017 EZ Drop Book Buyback Flyer   Lori L. Rodriguez 3/30/2017 2:27:37 PM    
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