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As Christian adults, we have a moral and legal responsibility and are entrusted by God with the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of minors and vulnerable adults as they participate in activities within or sponsored by our Diocese. It is our responsibility and commitment to providing an environment which is safe and nurturing.

We have a fundamental obligation and deep commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our students and their families.

In order to achieve this, the Diocese of Dallas has a Safe Environment Program that implements training, screening, background checks and other procedures that are designed to reduce the risk of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. BLHS, along with surrounding parishes, the Diocese of Dallas, and other Catholic schools, each have the program and is responsible for the program implementation and continuation.

For more information on Safe Environment, including the Safe Environment documentation, please see the BL Safe Environment webpage.


Bridget Ellis
BLHS Safe Environment Coordinator
214-324-3607 ext. 4144

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