All Souls Remembrance


At Bishop Lynch we share many bonds, none more powerful than the closeness of family. Like a family, the Bishop Lynch community works as one collective body; we celebrate each other’s victories, we rejoice in one another’s accomplishments and we suffer the pain when a family member struggles. Though death is a part of life, it is through faith and hope that we continue to hold the memory of our loved ones close to our hearts.

In November, in communion with the Diocese of Dallas and the Tradition of our Dominican Heritage, we will join together to recognize, remember and show our respect for our alumni, students, faculty, family and friends who have left this earth.

We invite you to share with us the names of your dearly departed by posting the name of the loved one you wish to honor below. In remembrance of these lost loved ones, a bouquet of names will be featured at the altar of our Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel. Throughout the month of November, we will honor their memory at each of the daily Masses. Together we join in prayer for our families, relatives and friends who have gone before us, with open hearts, let us cherish their memory and pray for their eternal peace. We ask that the glow of remembrance radiate throughout the Bishop Lynch community as we all join in this prayerful tribute.


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In Memory of Our Loved Ones:

-Eileen Oltmanns

-Becky Oltmanns

-Peggy Maher

-Gianni van Daalen

-Reverend Peter Whalen

-Nel Killgo

-Ruth Steichen

-John Maher

-Thomas Maher

-Dennis Maher

-Pat Maher

-Gary Cieslak

-Ronald Volkmer

-Mildred Volkmer

-Angela Volkmer




In loving memory:

Randy McCallum (10/14/38 - 8/25/21) + Patty McCallum (7/18/44 - 10/16/21) 53 years of marriage - they will be missed.  

Dearly missed father and grandparents

Father Michael Hull, Camie Hull, Arby Hull, Bertie Yerga

Beloved Mom and Dad and Father-In-Law

Please pray for the happy repose of my Mom and Dad and Father-In-Law

Connie Haverkamp (passed away in 2010)

Alfred Haverkamp (passed away in 2002)

Tim Heraty Sr (passed away in 2016)

Beloved Father and Grandparents

Adolph Janecka-father

Adolf and Agnes Janecka-grandparents

Edward and Rosie Kriska-grandparents

Leslie Janecka '83, Stephen Janecka '85 Jennifer Janecka '91


Those we LOVE don’t go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and forever dear.

Those we LOVE don’t go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and forever dear.

Milton and Bea Lutz
Milton passed 6-18-2019
Bea passed 7-17-2021
Alumni Michael and Mark  ( class of 81), David  ( class of 85), Lori Lutz Kerrigan ( class of 91)   


Please pray for eternal peace for my beloved family members. Eternal peace grant unto them, my loving God.

Carlos Martinez -dad

Elia Michel - mother in law 

Wenceslao Michel - father in law 

Jose Michel - brother in law 

Trinidad Valenzuela -grandmother 

Fransisco Martinez - grandfather 

Yolanda Sahgún - aunt 

Alfonso Sahgún - uncle 

Pedro Barrientos - brother in law 

Graciela Martinez - aunt 

Alex Martinez -cousin

Alberto Guerrero -uncle 

Jose Luis Morales -uncle 

Maria Perez-  grandmother 

Augustin Morales -grandfather 


John H Hafertepe

In memory of John Herman Hafertepe.  Class of 1981.  You left us at such a young age of 31 but you remain with us in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

I miss you buddy - yes, even after all of these years!!


In Loving Memory

Raymond Vlk

John and Kathryn Hettler

Henry and Louise Terry

In loving love and remembrance

Helen and Harry Gepford

In Loving Memory of Macario Rios

Mac was born on May 07, 1975 and passed away on October 22, 2021 at the age of 46.  Mac was born with Down Syndrome and lived a full and happy life with family and friends.  He always had a smile and never met a stranger.  His kind spirit will be missed but always remembered.  A Guardian Angel is in Heaven, His light will shine upon us. 

"We Love you Mac"

The Garcia and Pantoja Family 

In loving memory of our family:

Helen and Harry Balicki

Clara and John Balicki

Richard Balicki

Dorothy, Richard, Bill, John, Nancy Johnson

Greg, and David Balicki

Sandy Figuroa



In loving memory of our parents

John and Judy Hoffman

    parents of Rita, Greg, Julie and Peggy

In loving memory of our loved ones

Diane Jaurequi
Luis Escobar
David and Viola Escobar
Aurelio and Margarita Chavez
Numerous Aunts and Uncles

Rest in Peace. We love and miss you! 




Please remember my beloved son

Haden Blake Landis (Student, 2008-2010)

In loving memory of our loved ones

Donald McConnell 

Martha McConnell 

Joseph O'Connor 

Zita O'Connor 

Philip O'Connor 

John McConnell 

Marion McConnell 

Marty McConnell

Numerous Aunts and Uncles

In Loving Memory Of the Murillo & Garcia Family Members

Adan Murillo   Grandpa 

Francisco Murillo  Great Granpa

Rafaela Murillo  Great Grandma

Preciliano Garcia Great Grandpa

Granpa se que me cuidas desde el cielo.

In Memory of Loved Ones

Bob and Jean White (Parents of Kathlene White Liles - Class of 1974)

Ken and Fran Liles


In loving memory

Please pray for the soul of Lindy Dobbins, aunt of Aidan Murphy (BL class of 2023), who was lost unexpectedly in August 2015.  May she continue to rest in peace and watch over us all. 

Amy Gerwer Duke (94) Rob Gerwer (96)

In Loving Memory

Janet Gerwer - Mother          

Joseph Gerwer - Grandfather

Helen Gerwer - Grandmother


In Loving Memory of Diaz And Cruz Family Members

Prayers for the Eternal Peace of:

Dominga Bautista Diaz - Grandmother (of Aileen Diaz '94)
Belen de Guzman Cruz - Grandmother
Maximo Calinisan Diaz - Grandfather 
Peter Cruz, Senior - Grandfather
Rodrigo Bautista Diaz - Uncle 


Please pray for the repose of my sisters

Patricia Fazio '76

Teresa Fazio

In Loving Memory of our Beloved Family Members


Jane Ganter (April 5, 2019)

Ray Parks (May 22, 2021)

Carrizales Family Remembering Loved Ones

Gilbert Carrizales (Father of Kelly Carrizales, class of 2005)

Anthony Torbellin Sr. (Uncle)

Ricardo Perez (Uncle)

Ernesto Lopez Sr. (Uncle)

Fernando Laviada Sr. ( Father of Cristina Laviada, class of 2005)


In loving memory to Grandpa

We lost you unexpectedly last year to COVID, but we take you in our hearts everywhere we go.

I got into BL and I know I am making you proud. We miss and love you abuelito Raul Melendez.

In loving memory of Dr. George Lawson Yarbro
For the Roffino Family & Relatives Deceased

Charles T. & Mary Ventura Roffino (Grandparents) 

Tom & Faye Scanlan (Grandparents)

Anthony P. (Tony) & Mary T. Roffino (Parents)

Richard P. Roffino (Son)

Cathy A Roffino Fox (Daughter)

Michael Paul Roffino (Dicky's son)

Lynn Roffino (Daughter-in-law)

Samuel & Corrine Levatino 

Fred Hooker (Cousin)

Sammy Perrone (Cousin

In loving memory of our brother

Jared Jung, Class of 2000

In Memory of our Loved Ones

Gabriel Perales Jr. (Father of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

John N. O'Dower (Grandfather of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

Christina M. O'Dower  (Grandmother of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

Oletha Coffman -  (Grandmother of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

Julia Perales - (Grandmother of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

Frank Perales -  (Grandfather of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

Richard Perales -  (Uncle of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

Frank Perales Jr. -  (Uncle of Julia C. Perales-Leisk - Class of 1989)

In Loving Memory of the Vrana Family

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God

Albin Vrana - father

Pauline Vrana - mother

Melinda Vrana Yates - sister


Ruiz Family Remembering Our Love Ones

Hilario Hernandez (Great Grandfather of Isabella)

Maria Hernandez  (Great Grandmother of Isabella)

Marcos Hernadez (Second Cousin of Isabella)

Teresa Peres Garcia (Great Aunt of Isabella)

Juan Alvarez (Great Grandfather of Isabella)

Rosa Alvarez (Great Grandmother of Isabella)

Repose of the soul:Mike Sansone,Mark Sansone(‘74)
In Loving Memory of Alessandra “Ally” Alexandrou (1994-2011)

A beautiful daughter, sister and friend, who passed away too suddenly on August 3, 2011.  We miss your beautiful smile, your huge laughter, your sparkling eyes, your big heart . . . we miss you.


In loving memory

Brian James McDaniel (2010) Forever 26


In Loving Memory of All Our Loved Ones
  • Annie Kutach - Great Grandmother & Matriarch
  • Agnes Webb - Grandmother & Best Friend
  • Malcolm Webb - Grandfather
  • Josephine Meinzer - Grandmother & Best Kolache Baker
  • Alfred C. Meinzer Sr. - Grandfather
  • Geralynn Meinzer - The Sister I Never Met 
  • All of my classmates, teachers, and fellow Alums who are no longer with us, but watching over us all.

Lisa Meinzer Tafoya - Class of 1987 

In Loving Memory of Matthew Ray Tafoya

Matthew Ray Tafoya 

B. September 9, 2003 D. September 17, 2003 of Trisomy 13

God needed an angel in Heaven

to stand at the Savior's feet;

His choice must be the rarest

A lilly pure and sweet.

He gazed upon the mighty throng

Then stopped and picked the best;

Our child was His chose one

With Jesus, he's now at rest.


Lisa Meinzer Tafoya  - Class of 1987

Alexandra Raye Tafoya - Class of 2016

In Loving Memory Of:

Maye B Davis, Grandmother of Caitlin Gillespie

Ina B Davis, Great Grandmother of Caitlin Gillespie

Lauren Gillespie

Charleigh Toms

Tonya Ina Toms

In loving memory of:

Betty Secker grandmother of Annie Chambers(2004), Bert Secker(2008) and Anna Secker(2016)

In Loving Memory of

Dale L Turner

Virginia S. Turner

Eugene L. Turner

In loving memory

Walter Katuin

Dick Katuin

Josephine Katuin

June Katuin

Delia Scheibe

Merl Scheibe

Tom Hammel

Stella Melnyk

Nick Melnyk

In Loving Memory of LeRoy Skavdahl and Sandra Skavdahl (both grandparents of Max Mosher class of 2024)



In loving memory of:

Olga Vasquez- mother of Lisa Vasquez (03) and Ricky Vasquez (05)

Albert Vasquez Sr.- father of Lisa Vasquez (03) and Ricky Vasquez (05)

Albert Vasquez Jr.- brother of Lisa Vasquez (03) and Ricky Vasquez (05)

Samuel Vasquez-  brother of Lisa Vasquez (03) and Ricky Vasquez (05)

All Souls Remembrance for Family and Friends

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Roman C Plugge Sr; William G Davis Sr; Vivian Davis; Patsy Post; Eugene Post; Delores Plugge Wiederkehr; Estella Plugge Hilton; Betty Ruston Plugge; Helen & Al Vieger; Newt & Maggie Dyer; John & Daisy Jacobs; Adi Oncescu, Chuck Pelletier;






Remembering those special to us, now dancing with the angels

In Loving Memory of:

Sarah Rogers - great-grandmother of Ethan Rogers '20 and Abby Rogers '23

Rose Cemino - grandmother of Ethan Rogers '20 and Abby Rogers '23

Pat Cemino - grandfather of Ethan Rogers '20 and Abby Rogers '23

Sara Rogers - grandmother of Ethan Rogers '20 and Abby Rogers '23


Diane Gallia and Ed Oates Departed Family Members Remembrance

Our angel babies:

    1. Charles Robert Oates 

    2. Robert Alois Oates

    3. Hannah Frances Oates

Our parents:

    1. Charles Alois Gallia

    2. Mildred Lucien Gallia Chervenka 

    3. Robert Oates 

    4. Helen N. Oates

Ed's sister   Anne Loy Oates

Thank you


The Amesquita Family

In loving memory of Phillip Amesquita who died in 2010, father of Lisa Michelle Amesquita Ellis, Class of '90. 

We love and miss you.

In Loving Memory of Family & Friends

Grandfather: Gilbert Staib (Nov. 1, 1978)

Grandfather: Joseph C Heitmeyer (Sept.16, 1994) 

Friend: Russell Craig Cheek (Sept. 28, 1995)

Grandmother: Naomi Staib (May 7, 2000)

Grandmother: Lucille Heitmeyer (Oct. 17, 2006)

Mother in Law: Vondell Jackson (June 13, 2014)

Brother in Law: Roger Dale Hamilton (Sept. 30, 2015) 

Son: Christen Russell Cheek (Sept. 15, 2018)

Father in Law & Friend: Walter Norman Cheek ( July 18, 2021) 


Rest in Peace. You will always be remembered...

In Loving Memory of Family and Friends

Grandfather: Gilbert Staib (Nov. 1, 1978)

Grandmother: Naomi Staib (Sept. 15, 2015)

Grandfather: Joseph C Heitmeyer (Sept.16, 1994) 

Grandmother: Lucille Heitmeyer (Oct. 17, 2006)

Friend: Russell Craig Cheek (Sept. 28, 995)

Son: Christen Russell Cheek (Sept. 15, 2018)

Father in Law & Friend: Walter Norman Cheek ( July 18, 2021) 

Brother in Law: Roger Dale Hamilton (Sept. 30, 2015) 


Rest in Peace. You will always be remembered...


Robert Cline class of 1998

I would like for my grandparents, my father-in-law, Sam Cooper, my Uncle Charles and my cousin, Chase to be remembered on All Souls.

Lenzer Family

In Loving Memory of Familly of Bruce Lenzer (74) and Barbie Lenzer (78)

Bill Lenzer (William Frank Lenzer) Passed 2002, Brother

Barbara A Lenzer Passes 2012,Mother

Louis H. Lenzer Passed 2014, Father

Roberat (Bob) Lenzer Passed 2014, Brother

We Miss you and love you.  

Patrick Donovan (Class of 2010)

Vernie Crabtree (Grandmother - 1921-2021)

Always in our hearts💕

Reese Termulo

Family of Cathy Stewart Weilenbeck '68 - in our prayers always:

Lloyd Stewart - father 

Betsy Stewart - mother

Carl L Weilenbeck -  father in law

Dorothy Weilenbeck - mother in law

Carl I Weilenbeck - brother in law

Dottie Weilenbeck Dry - sister in law

Jamie Yeargan Marman - niece

Robet Marman - great-nephew

Natalie Yeargan - great-niece

Lisa Heflin - niece in law

Laurie Mccloud - friend





















In Loving Memory Of....

Henry L. Lorena                                                  Lilia Ponio

Aurelio Lorena                                                    Aurelio Ponio

Puning Lorena                                                    Rogelio Parra

Felicisimo Lagarile Sr.                                        Emcy Ponio

Luisa Lagarile                                                     Dolores Parra

Delia Baysa                                                        Roger Parra

Elisa Watson                                                      Peter Mendoza

Fred Lagarile                                                      Jojo Mendoza

Ambi Lagarile                                                     Lorna Labtang

Maura Lagarile                                                   Edmund Centeno

Roman Lagarile                                                  Nonoy Ponio

Shirley Lagarile                                                   Loring Timpug

Joyce Dizon                                                        Juan Ponio

Shirley Robb                                                       Fred Torno

William Robb Sr.

In loving memory 


Rose Nieswiadomy 

In Loving Memory of our Family and Friends

Juan Antonio Garcia (Grandfather of Alisa Pantoja)

Manuel Ovalle Pantoja (Grandfather of Alisa Pantoja)

Urbano and Candelaria (Great-Grandparents)

Macario Garcia (Uncle)

Gloria Gonzalez (Aunt)

Lea Vasquez (Aunt)

Feliciano and Petra Morales (Great-Grandparents)

Augustine Morales (Uncle)

Pete Morales (Uncle)

Tony Morales (Uncle)

Jose Leon Gonzalez (Uncle)

Victor Ramirez (Uncle) and Chelo Miller (Aunt)

Van and Victor Joseph Guzman (Cousins)

Ruben Rios (Uncle)

Raul Perez (Uncle)

Frank "Pancho" Medrano, Jr. (Uncle) 

James and Gina Courtner (Neighbors)

Leigh Ann Feagan (Friend)

Martha Yanez (Friend)

Beau and Chaps







In loving memory of the Zapletal and Patak families

Bill and Leda Zapletal, Mary Grimes, Hattie Raper, Raymond Zapletal, Henry Zapletal, JV and Ruby Collard, Edwin G. and Lillie Ann Patak, Jeremy Patak, Joe A. and Mary C. Patak, Emil and Antonia Salik, Joe S. and Mary Patak, Wesley Patak

We remember always


Richard (2015) and Carolyn (2017) FitzHenry and Jane Rychlik (2017).  Grandparents of Rachel ('22) and Rex('20) Rychlik.  We miss you.

In Loving memory of Richard Fugagli

Richard Joseph Fugagli passed on April 15, 2021.

In loving memory of Andrew J. Lowell, grandfather of Tess O'Leary and Bridget O'Leary
God Bless

Florene Jackson

In loving memory of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and brother.

Betty Rhea Moxley

Mary Teal Nell

Brandon Teal

Robert Teal

Ila and John Wood

Lou Anne and Toopie Lowe


In Loving Memory

Doris Ann Richard

In Loving Memory

Arlene Caouette

Armond Caouette

Estelle Zapanta 

Albert Zapanta 

(Great Grandparents of Sam Brockette, 2024)

Jack Brockette - Grandfather of Sam Brockette 



In Loving Memory

Ignacio Ozuna (1932 - 2021) - Grandpa to Gabriel Moreno (Class of 2022) and Alex Moreno (Class of 2025)

Prayers for our deceased loved ones

Arturo Landa

Vicente Cabrera

Antonio Moya

Jesus Mora

Iza Rodriguez 

Artemio Rios

Deacon Robert Sanchez

Isabella Turcios

Octavio Lopez

Bianca Martinez


Jesus Calderilla 

Amador Lemus

Father Solh

Amador Lemus 

Patricia Dominguez 

Javier Mendoza 

Pablo Gallegos

Daniel Estacuy

Mr. Lemus


We miss you...

Ann Mohesky

Harvey Mohesky

Jim Vaughn

Leigh Ann Feagan

We miss you...

Dimas Vasquez, Sr.

Dimas Vasquez, Jr.

Socorro Vasquez

Lydia Vasquez

George Flores


Brian  Caraker (‘90)

We love and miss you…while the song by Michael W. Smith: “FRIENDS” strikes a chord in our hearts, as it does to many…Brian, we keep you close as always because Friends are Friends FOREVER, If the Lord’s the Lord of them....
Brian, you have always been more than a Friend but family, and we are forever grateful for you and your family being a part of ours. You remain in our thoughts and prayers ALWAYS!

We miss you...

Jill Rule Cale '72

Aleene Rule

Carl William Rule

Mary Patricia Cale

Robert Francis Cale 


In Loving Memory

Until we are all reunited together, again, you are missed, you are grieved, forever you are loved:

Porter Schorr (1998-2006) – son of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86) & Geoff Schorr (’87), nephew of Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91) & Kim McCoy Robison ('95), cousin of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), Chuck Henderson ('96) & Ian Garrett (2023)

Jean Finch (1945-2007) - mother of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), grandmother of Ian Garrett (2023), aunt of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91), Kim McCoy Robison ('95) & Chuck Henderson ('96)

Matthew Finch (1971-2008) - brother of  Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), uncle of Ian Garrett (2023), cousin of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91), Kim McCoy Robison ('95) & Chuck Henderson ('96)

Jerry McCoy (1945-2020) - mother of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91) & Kim McCoy Robison ('95), mother-in-law of Geoff Schorr (’87), aunt of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97) & Chuck Henderson ('96), great aunt of Ian Garrett (2023)

Bob McCrossen (1950-2020) - father of Chuck Henderson ('96), uncle of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91) & Kim McCoy Robison ('95), great uncle of Ian Garrett (2023)

In loving memory of Bob Westfahl (Great-grandpa to Gabe Nimmo, Class of 2025)
Prayers for the Merkel Extended Family

Albert Anthony Merkel

Mary Jane Klein Merkel

Charles Edward Plows

Donna Kaye Plows

Gordon Howard Shattles, Jr

Michael Edward Pilgrim

Cary Gordon Lumkes

William Edward Woods


I loving Memory of those we have lost but not forgotten
  • Manuel Zuniga♥
  • Maria de Jesus Zuniga♥
  • Segundo Aguila♥
  • Rita Aguila♥
  • Victoria Canales♥
  • Fransico Juarez♥
  • Ernesto Juarez♥
  • Patricia League♥
In Loving Memory and to be honored with a bouquet

Remembering family lost years ago as well as most recently, in the last few months in 2021

Joe and Trinidad Pecina (Great Grandparents to Sophia c/o 25)

Adela Marie (Rodriguez) Pecina (Grand monther to Sophia)

Henry and Tonee Pecina (Great Uncle and Aunt of Sophia)

Robert Pecina (Great Uncle of Sophia)

John and Beatrice Rodriguez (Great Grandparents of Sophia)

Raymond Rodriguez (Great Uncle of Sophia)

Roland Rodriguez (Great Uncle of Sophia)

Veronica Chanez (Aunt of Sophia)

Manuel and Leticia Ugarte (Great Uncle and Aunt to Sophia

Please pray for

Angel D

We miss you! Please remember:

Patricia McIntire, Sandy & David Kennedy, Bill Palmer, Alice & Everett Edgar, Elsie & Carl Jones, Tom Jones, Doc McIntire, Sara & George Winwood, Smoky Jones, Phillis Sprung, Charlie Winwood


Please remember our family members, especially one we recently lost.

Andrew Dao, died May 16, 2007
Anthony Nguyen, died Jan. 5, 2014
Loan Dao, died Oct. 5, 2021


Please remember the best grandparents : Emily Nedie and Delcambre Nedie
Emily Nedie and Delcambre Nedie
Please remember these family members during the month of November:
Mike McCarty
Ed Wibbenmeyer
Ann and Bill Underwood
Praying for you. Sorry we lost you this year.

Robin L. O'Roark

Margaret Ann Adams

Richard P. Roffino

Please Remember Eduardo Pascacio

In loving memory of a great son, brother, and husband.

Peaceful Repose

Raymond Simpson

Hans Croeber

Susan Croeber

Joe McGuire

Dearly Departed Best Granny

Mary Adaline Allen, grandmother of Kathleen and Trevor Cadigan

Dearly Departed Bishop Lynch Graduates

Trevor Cadigan '10

Brian McDaniel '10

Pray for the departed soul of:

Susan Towle

Remembering the best Parents, Grandparents, and Great-Grandparents Ever!

Ben Scott, Jr.

Norma Scott

Pray for

Anna and Bob Moore

Brenda Smith


Please pray for the departed souls of

Maria C. Garza

Nellie Bradbury

William H. Bradbury

Janet Smith

Dr. Oscar Rene Colegio

All Souls Remembrance

CF Kapp

Josephine Kapp

JJ "Bud" O'Connell

Nellie O'Connell

Catherine Schulze

Charles Schulze

Tony Surman

Chuck Surman

Darrel Howard

Loving Grandparents

Guerrero Gutierrez 

Lucina Rodriguez Gutierrez 

Sara Lopez Gonzalez 

Thank you for all the memories and we miss you dearly. 

Rest in Peace

Beloved mother, Mary Harman

Beloved nephew, Mark Harman

All Souls Remembrance

Riley Gale

Phyllis Albers

All Souls Remembrance

 Please remember the souls of my deceased loved ones during the month of November:

George Hafertepe

Angeline Hafertepe

Kellee Hafertepe

Minnie Bono

Sam Bono

Mildred Parker

Garret Hafertepe

Minnie Miller

Frank Miller


Please pray for the departed souls of


Jan & Anna D
Marina D
Rudolph and Frances D
August & Mary O
Sophie & Edmund D
Paul & Mary N
Gabriel & Anne S
Adele & Henry S
Frank B Jr
Anne D
John & Gladys H
Wanda & Gerald M


Please remember in prayer and in the "bouquet of names" on the altar at Mass...
  • Emilio Biondi
  • Vincenza Biondi
Miss You Mom

In Loving memory of my mother, Kathleen Walker. Taken too soon, but no longer suffering. Until we meet again. <3

Krystal Schneidmiller '11

Love you, Michelle Dunkins Melancon

Miss you so much, sis!

Jill Melancon

In Loving Memory my grandparents

Katie (O'Blenes) Bitler

In loving memory of my beautiful wife

Angela Mendoza

In Loving Memory

Pray for the soul of Joe Guerra, a proud Friar graduate, and UNT alumni. 

In Loving Memory of our Parents:

Theodore (Ted) Parsons

Mary K. Parsons

In loving memory of our family members who are no longer with us

Stanley Hasek, Marie Cisarova, Antonin Cisar, Stanislav Hasek, Aza Haskova

Im Memory of Harry D. "Sam" Hawn
In memory of John Howard and Virginia Morrison.
In memory of our parents: Edmund and Sophie Dybala; Henry and Adele Snapka
In Loving Memory

Margie Gehring
Anthony Gehring
Carmen Little
Lucy Little

In love and light

Anna Mae Hunt

Kennith Hunt

Willie Mae Wardell

Loni Christensen

Gayland Wardell

Gussie Barnett

Barbie Kitty

Kitty Wardell

Remember in your prayers

Tom Altus, Mike Grimm, Mr and Mrs Herman Grimm, Mr and Mrs Herbert Altus, Carrie and Brianna Thomas, Erika Stepp, Mr and Mrs Emil Hutyra, Mr and Mrs Joe Edd Grimm, Robert Altus, Emily Hutyra, Betty Beneze, Duane Morrison, Kenneth Morrison, Opal Morrison, DL Morrison, DL Morrison Jr, Billy Morrison, Elizabeth  Blasingame, Clint Blasingame, Richard Blasingame, Dorian Blasingame, Charles Blasingame

Remember in your prayers...

Grampy - Jimmy



Opi - Kurt 



Grandpa - Jess

Grandma Virginia


Fr. David

Fr. Placid

Tom and Sadie

In Loving Memory


Carol Ann Ruiz (Jakubik) '67

Robert Jakubik '70

Anne Jakubik (Mother to Carol Ann Ruiz '67, Margaret Dykes '69 and Robert Jakubik '70.  Great-Grandmother to Joshua Ponewash '18 and Zachary Ponewash '21)

David Ponewash (Grandfather to Joshua Ponewash '18 and Zachary Ponewash '21)

Theresa Ponewash (Grandmother to Joshua Ponewash '18 and Zachary Ponewash '21)

In loving memory of our Mom

Olga Janosek Patak, passed away on May 22, 2021, at the age of 84

We miss her dearly !

Carol Janosek Beisert '74 and Barbara Janosek Ozymy '78

In loving memory of our parents

Carl E. Benken

Faye D. Benken

In Loving Memory of my Dear Sister

Karen Lee Russell Robinson, aunt of Julia McCullah (BL Class of 2019)

In Loving Memory of Departed Family and Friends

John E Olson Sr, Rose C Olson and Marvin Olson

George and David Olson

Geneva May Resley, Patty Resley and Marvin Resley

Jere Wilcox

William Washam

John Busbee

Harry Brown (Cpt. US Army)




In loving memory

Ray and Mary Crisp

In loving rememberance of all my family and friends who have gone home. May the angels lead them into paradise.

Emma Harrison
John Harrison
Loreen Krametbauer
Helen Price
Mary Ann Josko
Bill Machart
Patricia Machart

Sarah Becker
H. D. Becker
Sally Flushe
Cindy Flushe
Laverne Mungai
Leroy Mungai
Kevin Polk
Bill Collins

Roy Krametbauer
Evelyn Southern
Joseph Bednarczyk
Lewis Shepelwich
Audeen Casey
Martha Garza
Jesse Garcia
Stanley Shepelwich


In loving memory of dear friends and family members

Marvin Richard Skaggs (7/10/1940-8/17/2020)

William Preston Skaggs (1/29/1962-8/3/1999)

Guerry Leonard (d.2021)

Jules Ann Lasater (d.2021)

In loving memory...

Francis D. Munsterman, passed away December 15, 2019, at the age of 90.


Mary Childers - age 94; died last year.  Great-grandmother of Lucy Langdoc

In loving memory…

Jerome Lednicky (grandfather of Mindy Melasky Nelson '98 and Kristy Melasky Nail '01) passed away January 1, 2021. 

In loving memory.....

John L. Cahalan, passed away on April 17, 2019.

Beloved dad of Bridget Jung

Beloved grandpa to Sara Jung ('23) and Nicholas Jung ('25)

He is missed.

In Loving Memory


     Jim Jones  Deceased January 15, 2021


     Grandfather of Josh Coughennower


Pantoja: Manuel, Henry, Andres, Ramona

Villanueva: Juan, Juanita, Tito, Gil, Turo, Joe, Rose, Steve

Ramirez:  Carmen, Gonzalo

Ovalle:  Pantaleon, Josefa, Jesse, Paz, Liz, Vanessa, Robert, Cecil, Joe, Chita, Lulu, Raymond, Panta

Martinez:  Lucas, Delfina, Sam, Maureen, Louisa

Ruiz:  Julian, Clara, Michael, Julian Jr.

Ortega:  Rufus, Nell, Nick

Gonzalez:  Barbarita 

Hernandez:  Vicente, Jovita

Rocha:  Delfino, Pauline

Avila:  Billy, Emma

Davison:  Charles

All Cathedral Guadalupanas

All poor souls in purgatory

Thank you,

Sarah Pantoja


In Loving Memory of our Beloved Family Members

Jose and Remedios Liwanag, Patricio and Catalina Quilao, Anacleto and Consuelo Suelto, Clemente Quilao, Almar Liwanag, Felimon and Naty Pamplona, Florencio and Felisa Torres, Luperio and Emelia Quilao, Rodolfo and Adoracion Hernandez, Oscar Quilao, Teresita Quilao Ona, Guillermo Quilao, Pito Quilao, Tony Suelto, Francisco Pamplona, Dino and Belen Pamplona, Mirasol Mercado, Eleanor Quilao, Ross Sajo, Lucas and Intang Silva, Florencio and Virgilio Torres

In Memory of our Beloved Family Members

Carl Michael Timm

James Luther Preston and Rava Nell Preston

Paul Ronald Mauldin and Joy Lee Mauldin

William Talbert Tucker Jr.

Beloved family members - gone but not never forgotten

Marvin S. Clark - husband, father, brother, son. Never got to be a grandfather, tragically. (1943-2001)

Jeanne R. Moon - wife, mother, grandmother. A sweet, loving, kind and generous soul. (1944-2020)

Maude M. Cloakey - mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother. A patient, selfless and endlessly loving person, and WWII veteran (WAVE). (1918-2009)

Douglas G. Cloakey - husband, father, grandfather. A great and patriotic man who served as a Marine in the Pacific in WWII. Semper Fi. (1919-1984)

Kelly C. Clark - husband, father, brother, son, cousin. Taken from us far too soon and sorely missed. (1970-2019)


In Loving Memory

Phillip Gillock

Ruth Chin

Tom Shircliff Class of 77

Billy Joe Gentry

Beloved father and grandfather.  He is so very missed here.  Please pray for his soul.

May they rest in the peace of our Savior's infinite mercy and love:

Robert Patrick Byrd

Louise De Lorimier Forsyth

Joseph Albert Byrd

Fr. Gerry Kelly, MM

William H. L. Forsyth

John Lawson Forsyth

Marion Elizabeth Byrd

Erik Garcia

Lauren Popeney

Herb Appel

Dc. Rodrigo Lozano

Prayers for our Beloved Family and Friends

Please pray for the souls of:

Joyce Ryan (2018), grandmother to Jackson and Nicholas Reed.

Cecilia and Richard A. Reed, great-grandparents to Jackson and Nicholas Reed

Mae and Mona Bernardi, great-grandparents to Jackson and Nicholas Reed

Our newly departed friends Chris Tansil (2021), DaisyAnn Anderson (2021) 

In Loving Memory

We remember Bertha Robledo, a loving wife, mother and grandmother.  She was a kind and generous soul who put God, family and her nursing career as her top priorities.  She enjoyed having cookouts, holiday celebrations, big family dinners and watching the Dallas Cowboys.  She was a dedicated wife, often attending mass daily with her husband before she went to work and praying the rosary daily.  She was the mom who always baked goodies for the school carnival, volunteered when asked and drove kids on school field trips.  She enjoyed entertaining as when she had the nuns party at her house one year.  Her accomplishments were many, her heart was immense and 25 years later we still miss her presence every single day.  She is survived by a loving husband, four children and 12 grandchildren (many of whom she never met).  We know that she is looking down upon us and is in the very loving hands of our Lord and Savior. May All Souls Day be a remembrance for you and for all the souls lost especially those in the Bishop Lynch community.            

Remembering the grandparents of Sarah and Grace Clerkin

Please pray for the souls of Barbara Kelsey Tunell and William Patrick Tunell, grandparents of Sarah and Grace Clerkin. May they Rest In Peace. 

Remembering our loved ones

Remembering our dearly loved members of our family who passed away; S. Luis Rey (1986), Jose Salmones (2013). Beloved Grandparents 

You will forever live in our hearts, the wonderful memories we shared gives us peace. 


Remember and pray for the Priolo family

Michael Priolo, Jean Priolo (1997), Leo Priolo (2001), and Frank Priolo (2005)

For those we loved dearly and lost

Mary Heptig (2011) - Quinn Heptig's paternal grandmother

Karl F. Kautz (2015) - Quinn Heptig's maternal grandfather

All Souls remembrance for Rasco Family members

Linda Boehm, 2001; Paul Rasco, 2001; Everett Inman, 2016; Bob Lents, 1990; David Lents, 1984; Patricia Boehm, 2013; Greg Hultgren, 2017


Loved never Lost

Please remember these three souls: 1) David Laos- a Bishop Lynch classmate, recemtly lost due to Covid-19. Although, we had not been connected since high school, his sudden loss not only impacted his friends and family but touched my heart as well. 2) Lindsey Williams- a Bishop Lynch classmate and best friend who we lost due to illness, pain, and a broken heart. Lindsey's loss, has im pacted me as a lost best friend. He was there for me in my time of need and we shared many common issues and had many deep conversation about life issues. He was a great friend and he is greatly missed. 3) Thelma Yvonne White, my mother. Her transition to heaven was a welcomed one in retrospect since she passed before the pandemic hit. I thank the Lord that in His infinite wisdom, He transitioned her releiving her of any pain and a,lso before she had to deal with being alone in a nursing home where her loved ones wouldn't have been permitted to see her. My mother taught me that her love was all incompassing. She loved me and took great care of me all of her life. And she taught me that when you love someone, they know it in their heart, and the spoken word is not even necessary to communicate their feelings. The person that is loved, just knows it. Just as we know, the Lord loved us through faith, not even needing a sdpoken word. Thank You. 

Angela Wheatley Mendoza - Rest In Peace

After a 3.5 year battle with cancer, Angela Marie Mendoza passed away peacefully at her home in Dallas, Texas, on February 7, 2021, with her family by her side.


Angela, born to Michael and Darlene Wheatley on December 20, 1966, grew up the younger of two children. She and her older sister, Monica, spent their early childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, where they enjoyed time with their extended family and their close friend, Gwen. The family moved for a short time to Fargo, North Dakota, before they eventually settled in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Following her graduation from Putnam City North High School in Oklahoma City, Angela attended Oklahoma State University (OSU) and joined Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She graduated from OSU with a degree in Accounting and went on to work for Arthur Andersen LLP, a big five accounting firm, where she met and married Tony Mendoza.


Angela and Tony married on December 2, 1990, in Dallas, Texas. Soon after, both left Arthur Andersen to pursue accounting careers at different companies and to start a family.


The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Megan, in 1992. They welcomed their second child, a son named Michael Anthony, in 1995, and their third child, a daughter named Mallory, in 2002.


Angela dedicated herself to her family and loved them fiercely. She and Tony celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in December 2020.


In September 2017, Angela received the devastating news of a terminal cancer diagnosis. Doctors gave her 6 months to live. She fought for 3.5 years.


Angela lived her life to the fullest and made positive impacts on all those she encountered. She exuded grace and strength in everything she did and worked hard to bring laughter and love to the world. Her beauty and brilliance radiated throughout her life.


Angela leaves behind her devoted husband, Tony Mendoza; daughter, Megan Mendoza Figley and son-in-law, Justin Figley; son, Michael Anthony Mendoza; and daughter, Mallory Mendoza.


She also leaves behind her mother, Darlene Wheatley; her sister, Monica Wheatley Jones and brother-in-law, Bruce Jones; niece, Brooke Jones Chinetti, nephew-in-law, Mark Chinetti, and grandnephew, John Michael Chinetti; niece, Madison Jones McSweeney, nephew-in-law, Riley McSweeney, grandniece, Hadley McSweeney, and grandnephew, Hank McSweeney; and nephew, Blake Jones.


Further, Angela leaves behind very close family friends, Gwen Nieters Nary and Tim Nary, Meghan Nary, Kennedy Nary, Paddy-Shea Nary, and Korey Nary.


Her father, Michael Wheatley, preceded her in death.


To honor Angela, her family set up the Angela Wheatley Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Fund at Bishop Lynch High School. All three of her children attended the school and both she and Tony stayed actively involved within the BL community. If possible and in lieu of flowers, the family requests donations made in her honor.


For Wes Jaska - Rest In Peace
For Gus Freitag - Rest in Peace
Remembering my grandparents

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Carl Stoldt
Thomas Pinson
Ethel Pinson
Fermin Rodriguez
Chino Rodriguez
Guadalupe Rodriguez