All Souls Remembrance


At Bishop Lynch we share many bonds, none more powerful than the closeness of family. Like a family, the Bishop Lynch community works as one collective body; we celebrate each other’s victories, we rejoice in one another’s accomplishments and we suffer the pain when a family member struggles. Though death is a part of life, it is through faith and hope that we continue to hold the memory of our loved ones close to our hearts.

In November, in communion with the Diocese of Dallas and the Tradition of our Dominican Heritage, we will join together to recognize, remember and show our respect for our alumni, students, faculty, family and friends who have left this earth.

We invite you to share with us the names of your dearly departed by posting the name of the loved one you wish to honor below. In remembrance of these lost loved ones, a bouquet of names will be featured at the altar of our Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel. Throughout the month of November, we will honor their memory at each of the daily Masses. Together we join in prayer for our families, relatives and friends who have gone before us, with open hearts, let us cherish their memory and pray for their eternal peace. We ask that the glow of remembrance radiate throughout the Bishop Lynch community as we all join in this prayerful tribute.


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In loving memory

Jerry Dehart 

Betty Nicolay

In Loving Memory of Johanna S. and Vincent G. Zubras

Miss you every day.

Jody Zubras Millican   great class of 1970

In Loving Memory

Keith Leo, 72'

In Loving Memory

Ramoncito Eraso 

Angelo Eraso 

Dolores Eraso 

Mariano Eraso 

Epifanio Padilla

Antonina Padilla 

Florencio Manansala

Zenaida Caguiat 

Jose Sion 

No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. But we take comfort in knowing that our loved ones are now resting in the arms of our Lord. 

All souls

please pray for: Nick Musso, Sr.;  Ellis Civello; Marion Civello

In Loving Memory

John B. McConnell 

Marion E. McConnell 

Marty McConnell 

Donald F. McConnell 

Martha Smith McConnell 

Joseph O'Connor

Zita O'Connor

Phil O'Connor

Numerous Aunts and Uncles

We love you lots and lots, and miss you dearly every day.

In loving memory of...

Frank Vinci

Kathy Vinci

Gwen Arden

Nancy Vinci

Frank Vinci Sr.

Ed Reszutko

Dorothy Reszutko

Pat Nunzio

Ginger Rzasa

Bill Walichek

In Memory of:

Paul Muckleroy

Betty Muckleroy

Benay Muckleroy

Julie Leal

Olivia Kemist

In Loving Memory

My Aunt Marjorie worked hard to pay my BLHS tuition.

May God bless her with peaceful rest!

In Loving Memory

Howard C. Coggeshall, Jr. Father of alumni Lon Coggeshall '86 and Lana Coggeshall '90, Uncle of Margaret Sanchez Silva '96

Remembering Matthew Daniels Class of 2005

Matt, you are always in our hearts, minds and prayers. We miss you dearly son!

Love, Mom and Dad

In loving memory

Brian James McDaniel and Trevor Cadigan class of '10

Rembering you is easy, we do it everyday, 

but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. 

In remembrance of Eduardo Pascacio

We love you and miss you everyday. 

Rest In Peace

Ricardo Carpio

Luisa Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Ma. Nieves Reyes

Milton Simpkins


In loving memory of

Cathy Adams

Tony Bunton

We miss you dearly! 

In loving memory of my mother

Shirley Carrick

You left us way too soon.  We love and miss you dearly!

In Loving Memory

Jared Jung, '00

Little brother, we miss you dearly.



Loving Memory

In loving memory of Roger Hamilton. Rest in peace my brother , my friend.

Rest in Peace

May my step son, Christen R Cheek rest in peace with his father Craig.

Love and miss you. 


In Loving Remembrance of Raz Family Alumni Relatives

Joseph A. Raz, Jr., father of alumni James A. Raz '77 and Suzanne Raz Smith '78

Ann Morkovsky Adams, beloved aunt

Katrina Mary Schultz, dear God-daughter

May their souls and all the souls of the Faithful Departed and others rest eternally in the merciful peace of Jesus, our Lord and King. Amen.

In Loving Memory

Emilio Hernandez

Martin Hernandez

Juana Hernandez

Lucia McDonough

Shannon Meadows Moran

Lawrence McDonough


In loving memory of...

Reese Termulo

Debbie Lichtenwalter

Dr. Kimberly Barksdale

We miss you, and we pray for the day we'll meet again! We love you, and we'll never forget you! ❤️ 

In loving memory

Joshua Galvan and Guerrero Gutierrez 

In loving memory

Mike and Gail Morton, grandparents to Joshua Thornhill '23

In loving memory of

Remberto P. Edar Sr., Norma Edar, Epitacio Edar, Teodora Edar, Augusto Edar, Emiliano Macapaz, Feliciana Macapaz,

Rowena Torres, 

In loving memory of ...

Isaac Tufic

Mona Aziz

Minir Aziz

Isabel Cristina de Aziz

Michael Zachariah

Venson Pinto

In remembrance of Lilydoss Mascarenhas

He fought a good fight and kept the faith ...

In Loving Memory of John K and Mary W Farrell

Parents of William Farrell, BL'69; Kathleen Farrell Blaydes, BL '71, Alumnus of the Year 2005; Ann Farrell Doyle, BL '72; John Farrell, BL '75, Alumnus of the year 2001; Thomas Farrell, BL '78; and James Farrell.

In Loving Memory of our Family Members

Rosellen Meysenburg

Jerome Zipper

Agnes Meysenburg

Catherine Caster

Loving memory for our Parents

Eternal peace for:

Hans and Susan Croeber

Raymond Simpson

Joe McGuire

In Loving Memory

Nina Smith ("Smithy")

Lovis Smith

Florence Wendelin

Bill Wendelin

Stephanie Robinson

Michelle Melanςon-Dunkins (Former English Teacher @ BL)

♥Miss you so much, sis♥

Jill Melanςon

In Loving Memory of Departed Family Members

George Hafertepe

Angeline Hafertepe

Minnie Bono

Sam Bono

Herman Hafertepe

Marie Hafertepe

Mildred Parker

Kellee Hafertepe

Raymond Bouis


May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. AMEN!

Emilio Biondi

Vincenza Biondi

In Loving Memory

Praying for you until we meet again:


Susan Salerno Hipp (68)

Lucille Salerno
Lawrence Salerno


With love... always,

Kristen Hipp Lopez (03)

Loving Memory of Carol LaFountain

Mother to Tiffany LaFountain Soignier 92 

Grandmother to Connor Fraire 14


In Loving Memory

Martha Ortega Bodden, mother, grandmother and beloved wife to Ashley Bodden for 61 years. Martha was a school teacher in Honduras before she and her husband, Ashley, both immigrated to the U.S. at the age of twenty-two. The two of them raised their four children in the U.S., but Martha never forgot where she originated from; she was no stranger to sending outgrown and unused clothes back to the islands to her foreign family and neighbors. Martha's kind heart always enjoyed volunteering and giving to those in need.

Gloria Ortega Zelaya, mother, grandmother and sister to Martha.

Rosario Ortega Woods, mother, grandmother and sister to Martha.

Martha Bodden was the gradmother to Erika Lowe (Class of '16) and David Lowe (Class of '19). Martha and her sisters' passing was due to Covid-19.


In loving memory of...

Bennett Frank & Jill Rule Cale '72 

In Loving Memory...

Jose Antonio Mercado...beloved uncle of Carlos Castro and Rosario Mercado Baxter...beloved aunt of Carlos Castro. They will always be in my heart.

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Barbara Ash Maupin, cherished wife of Bob Maupin, Nancy Maupin Bates ’81, and Patti Maupin Riggs ’84, who went to be with her Lord on May 12, 2020. She loved volunteering at BL, especially as Prop Mistress for the Blackfriars Guild, and serving as PTA President.

In loving memory of loved ones from Ernesto Flores

Great  Great Granparents Hipolito y Sotera Garcia

Great Granparents Jesus and Maria Serna,Jesus and Petra Garcia

Grandmother Guadalupe Flores

Great Aunts Mirtha Flores, Evita Salinas

Great Uncles Franciso Sanchez, Roberto Flores, Roberto Quintana,Mauro Serna, Armando Serna

Good Baseball Friend Aiden Mendoza


In Memory of Garrett Theisen
In Loving Memory, please pray for the following:

Frank N. Carver Sr.

Margaret S. Carver

Jackie Carver Arceneaux

Frank Nelson Carver Jr.

Mary Benfatti Lawless

Jared Lawless

Remembering deceased loved ones

Pantoja, Manuel, Henry, Andres, Ramona - Ramirez, Carmen, Gonzalo - Villanueva, Juan, Juanita, Tito, Gil, Art, Rose, Joe, Steve - Ovalle, Pantaleon, Josefa, Jesse, Paz, Liz, Vanessa, Robert, Cecil, Joe, Chita, Lulu, Raymond, Panta Martinez, Lucas, Delfina, Sam, Louisa, Maureen -Ruiz, Julian, Clara, Michael, Julian Jr. -Ortega, Rufus, Nell, Nick Gonzalez, Barbarita -Hernandez, Vicente, Jovita - Rocha, Delfino, Pauline  - Avila, Billy, Emma  - Davison, Charles - Cathedral Guadalupanas

Thank you, Sarah Pantoja 

Please Remember & Pray For:

Karl & Joan Kober, parents of Kathy Kober Breeding (68), Kris Kober (71), Karl Kober Jr (74), Kurt Kober (75), Konrad Kober (76), Kate Kober (77), Karen Kober, Ken Kober

Karl Kober Jr 

Jordan Breeding, son of Kathy Kober Breeding

Archie Breeding, husband of Kathy Kober Breeding


In loving memory, with Divine light for eternal peace

Gayland Wardell

Loni Christensen

Anna Mae Hunt

Kennith Hunt

Gussie Barnett

Willie Mae Wardell

Bobby Drinnon

Clara, Glenn and Joan


In Loving Memory

Thomas Howard

Mark Smith

Bob McNamara

"Buddy the Marine"

John Alvis

John Waltman

Royce Waltman

Forrest Hunsicker

Arch Stewart






In loving memory of Annabelle Marie Roos

In memory of Annabelle Marie Roos- born December 29, 2014- passed away January 5, 2015. 

Gone but not forgotten..praying for repose of the souls of our family and friends

Gary Gretter, LT, USNR

Ann Gretter

Barbara Gretter

A. C. Gretter

Thomas Gretter

Honey Marting

Walter Marting

Neil Marting

Joe Tomlinson

Pamela Theodore

Dan Lee


In Loving Memory of Family and Friends

Archie Stewart McNeill 

John Joseph and Kathleen O'Connor Ahearn

Peggy and John Slagg

John Joseph Ahearn Jr.

Sally and Peter Fludgate 

Kathleen Ahearn

Jacqueline Johnston

Shannon Wormwood

Merc Mikitoff

Donna Hayden

Kelly Dukes

Dwight Major

John and Catherine O'Connor

John and Catherine Ahearn

Maggie McNeill

Howard and Helen Parker

Archie and Elizabeth McNeill III


In Loving Memory of our beautiful Grandmother and Great Grandmother

We love and miss you every day.

Martha Palla


In Loving Memory - Never To Be Forgotten

All deceased members of Class of 1968.

In Loving Memory

In Loving memory of family members  of Cathy Stewart Weilenbeck (1968):

Lloyd and Betsy Stewart (Parents)

Jamie Yeargan Marmon (niece)

 Robert Marmon ( great nephew)

Natalie Yeargan ( great niece)

Miss you always.


In Loving Memory

Marie Cattin Hurd 

Andrew Culler 



All Souls 2020

Please remember our parents, Ed & Grace Hogan. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. 

Patty Hogan Satarino 1966

Kathy Hogan Smith 1967

In Loving Memory

Orlando Dipede

In Loving Memory

Nonna Maria and Nonno Enrico Pucci

Ron Brescacin

Rosalina ♥

Marcello and Tuula Cassavia

Natale and Maria Gaccione

Guiseppe and Tomasina Cassavia

Francesco Pucci

Jamie Knudsen



In Loving Memory

Until we are all reunited together, again, you are missed, you are grieved, forever you are loved:

Porter Schorr (1998-2006) – son of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86) & Geoff Schorr (’87), nephew of Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91) & Kim McCoy Robison ('95), cousin of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), Chuck Henderson ('96) & Ian Garrett (2023)

Jean Finch (1945-2007) - mother of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), grandmother of Ian Garrett (2023), aunt of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91), Kim McCoy Robison ('95) & Chuck Henderson ('96)

Matthew Finch (1971-2008) - brother of  Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), uncle of Ian Garrett (2023), cousin of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91), Kim McCoy Robison ('95) & Chuck Henderson ('96)

Jerry McCoy (1945-2020) - mother of Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91) & Kim McCoy Robison ('95), mother-in-law of Geoff Schorr (’87), aunt of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97) & Chuck Henderson ('96), great aunt of Ian Garrett (2023)

Bob McCrossen (1950-2020) - father of Chuck Henderson ('96), uncle of Amy Finch DiPasquale ('97), Kelly McCoy Schorr ('86), Michael McCoy ('87), Scott McCoy ('91) & Kim McCoy Robison ('95), great uncle of Ian Garrett (2023)

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Ann Rea, who left us unexpectedly after a brief illness, on September 23, 2020. We love you and miss you everyday. 

grandmother of Donovan Potter (class of 2021)

In Loving Memory of our family members and friends

Mary Heptig

Karl F. Kautz

David J. Long

Ila R. Murff

Ron Charles

Please remember and pray for:

Janis Riley

John Riley

John Patrick Riley

Rose Krause

Harold Dean Martin

Charles Turner

Dorothy Turner

Cecilia Adele Edmondson

Reece Edmondson

Lucille Wilkinson

Dean Wilkinson

Harold Dee Martin

Adele Martin

Jenny Watkins

and all other family and friends who have gone before us.  


In Loving Memory

J.J. (Bud) O'Connell

Nellie O'Connell

Chaester F. Kapp

Josephine Kapp

Tony Surman

Chuck Surman

In Loving Memory Of Daughter, Dawn Shine Jamison

My beautiful daughter, Dawn.

Four years ago you soared into Heaven after a valiant and brave battle with Leukemia to be with our Lord and Savior. Your sweet Dad was already there waiting for you with open arms to be with you again. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and pray for you and your Dad. It was a blessing and privilege to be your Mom. Shine on sweet child of mine. You are the dawn in every sunrise I see. You are my joy when I see my grandsons, Tyler and Will, and how much they remind me of you . I love you Dawnie and the beautiful butterfly you are. I will see you  and your Dad again someday in Heaven's Garden. Love, Mom


In Prayerful Memory of These Family and Friends

Emma Harrison
John Harrison
Loreen Krametbauer
Helen Price
Mary Ann Josko
Bill Machart
Sarah Becker
H. D. Becker
Sally Flushe
Cindy Flushe
Laverne Mungai
Leroy Mungai
Kevin Polk
Bill Collins

Roy Krametbauer
Evelyn Southern
Joseph Bednarczyk
Lewis Shepelwich
Audeen Casey
Martha Garza


In Loving Memory of Our Mom Who Left Us Too Soon

She left without warning and her heart stopped beating on a day that we celebrate love, Valentines Day 2020. We miss her dearly but know that she watches over us every second, of every minute, of every day. Our angel, our light. We love you and miss you, Mom!

Kelly Schorr (1986)

Mike McCoy (1987)

Scott McCoy (1991)

Kimberly Robison (1995)

In loving memory

Please pray for the soul of Vinh Tran father of Courtney Tran '93 and Caroline Nguyen '97

We miss you dearly everyday. 

In Loving Memory

Trinidad Madrigal

Eleticia Madrigal

In loving memory of our departed family members

We will never forgive you

Ildefonso Jimenez

Francisco Jimenez

Jose Moreno Sr.

Raquel Alayon

Isabel Chito

Maria Villacampa

In Loving Memory

Paul and Mary Belle Wearden. We miss you so much everyday. Please help us and guide us.

Parents to: Frances Evans, Linda Coons.

Grandparents to: Andy Wearden, Lucas Wearden

With love

Baby James Christopher Lewis. Known only in the womb, but had all the love in the world. 

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of my husband, Mark Niezgoda who passed away in June 2020.  

Rosemary Mentesana Niezgoda Class of '82

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Andre Schwitter Jr.

Catherine Schwitter

Michael Lorenz

Leona Lorenz

In Loving Memory

Phillip Gillock

Ruth Chin





In loving memory

In loving memory of Michael Fitzpatrick, Don Kratovil, and Lucia Kratovil, grandparents of Cate Kratovil (Class of '23).

With love - never forgotten


George J Mahdak


Missed everyday

For Anna and Bob Moore, my loving and nourishing parents. I miss your wisdom and guidance.

For Brenda Smith, my traveling buddy and friend to lean on. I miss you each day.

May your souls find peace in heaven grant me peace here on earth.

In loving memory of Papa

We remember Zakaria Nammari. Loving Papa to Paige Nammari (class of 2024) and her brothers and cousins, loving husband to Kathy, and best father to his children Adam, Monique, and Mark. 

Warm and Loving Memories

We continue to miss and honor the memories of:

John "Buddy" Vilbig III and Mollye Vilbig as well as Bill and Eva King, grandparents of Jacob King '13

Bryan King, father of Jacob King '13

Michael Powers and David Pack, grandfathers of Chandler King '13

In Loving Memory of our Departed Family Members

Margaret Lynch Morris, loving sister of Joan Lynch Bell '66 and Frances Lynch Galway '69

and our parents, Ed and Peggy Lynch, pioneer supporters of Bishop Lynch's establishment.

In loving memory of Lacsamana family members

Prayers for Mauro Lacsamana, father of Michele '90, Aileen '91, Hrich '93, Arneil 2002.

Also for their grandparents Bernardo and Flor Gamboa and Tomas and Aurea Lacsamana.

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Tad and Mathilde Wiewiorowski who passed away in May 2020. They were the  loving grandparents of Cassie Young ('17). 


Loving husband to Sharon and father to Chandra '86, Linda '91, Holly Jo '04, Michael '06, Hope '08 and Nicholas '17 (Notre Dame School of Dallas).

Harold Regner Loving Grandfather of Matthew Regner class of 2018

Please pray for the Soul of Harold Regner 1933-2020 Loving Grandfather of Matthew Regner class of 2018, his brother Lloyd Jr. and sisters Paris & Michelle. May God rest his Soul.

In Memory of Deceased Members of the Dreiling and Paar Families

Dominic and Cecelia Dreiling

Dorothy and Bert Paar

Greatgrandparents of Dashiell James Dreiling

In Loving Memory

In Remembrance of Ted Parsons and Mary K. Parsons - Loving Parents of Debbie Parsons Welch, Linda Parsons Patterson (81) and Rebecca Parsons Reynolds (83)

John H Hafertepe

In memory of John Herman Hafertepe.  Class of 1981.  You left us at such a young age of 31 but you remain with us in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

I miss you buddy!


In loving memory

Mary Ellen Stout - Mother to Ryan Stout class of 2005 and grandmother to Ian Wilson class of 2022.

In loving memory

Ann "Fanny" Sinnott, aunt of KC Sinnott '11 and Silver Sinnott '14

In loving memory

James Charles Phillips, Father to Marie Phillips (2015) and Nicole Phillips (2016).

In loving memory - Rob Best

Father-in-law to alumni, Avril Westerman

In loving Memory of Hermelinda “linda” Hernandez
In Loving Memory - Never To Be Forgotten

Deceased members Bishop Lynch Class of 1978.

Remembering a Hero

Im memory of John Michael Teal who died in sevice to our country in Afghanistan on March 23, 2003.

In Loving Memory of Family Members of Dalton Hoelscher Class of 2014

Grandparents: Alfred and Aline Kaluza

Grandfather: Eugene Hoelscher

Aunt: Mary Jane Urbanovsky


In Loving Memory of Maddie Nolan's Grandpas

Please pray for the soul of 

Florian Klasinki


Val Nolan

both who passed in 2019

All Souls 2020

Jack Powell

Danny Choate

Mary Williams

Del Williams

Lanny Bilbrey

In Loving Memory We Honor Our Relatives Past

Ronald Patrick O'Riley, Sr

Lillian Hargreaves O'Riley

Jean Carolyn Davis Brown

Edward Foster Van Cleave

Ruby Bowes Van Cleave

Sherwood Davis

Eva Caroline Whitaker Davis

James Wright

Sybil Davis Wright

Charlene Wright

Patrictria Diane Auten


In Loving Memory

Please remember Steve & Rita Mlynarski, Joe & Grace Saar, Gwen Upton, Marlene' Neathery, Alex Fanning, Joe & Marie Rollins, Charles & Gladys Dutz, and all of those friends and family of The Mlynarski family that have passed. Thank you for your prayers. May God grant them eternal peace.

In loving memory of Todd Brookshire
In loving memory

Please remember Cecilia James Ogden, Eva and C.P. Kojis, Jr., Agatha and Louis Reuther, Mary Alice and Honey Maher, Brian Price, Pat Grimes, and all military and first responders who have lost their lives in service. May their souls meet God in glory!


In Loving Memory of John Hagensick
In Loving Memory

       Pray for eternal peace for my parents William J. Materka, and Doris S. Materka, and my good friend, Sally Manning Haning '68.  They were all tireless supporters of Bishop Lynch, and they shall be greatly missed by all who knew and loved them.

Lynn Materka Harnden

In loving memory

Bertha Robledo, wife, mother & grandmother.  As you are remembered during the month of November at the school Masses know that you are forever in our hearts.  We love you & miss you!       

In Memory of Our Mother

In loving memory of our Mother, Helen Gilbough Miller Eaton. Mom was a fixture at Bishop Lynch from the time of its founding until her last child graduated and beyond. She guided us well in life, and her memory and spirit continue to guide us now.

Robert R. Eaton '67

Gail Eaton Jackson ('70)

Michael W. Eaton ('76)




In loving memory

In rememberance of Douglas Hoffman. 

In loving memory of Virginia & Russell Bols, Oscar & Ann Bols, Frank & Lucille Drews, Dorothy & Charles Drews, Frank & Dorothy Drews, Mary Rose & Louis Todd, Marion Decker, Jane Davis, Kathy Walsh, and all those whom we have loved. Rest in peace.
In Remembrance:

Charles H. Eaton and Helen Miller Eaton. May they rest in peace.

In Loving Memory, Que Descansen En Paz

Rosalina Mendoza Peredo & Jose Octavio Peredo, Sr. Both gone too soon, dearly missed, yet deeply loved and still in our prayers for their eternal peace & path to our Lord most High. Thank you for honoring our loved ones, BL Community. 

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of my sister, Karen Watkins Glass, who passed away January 30, 2018.  She left this earth way to early at the age of 57, as she battled brain cancer (Glioblastoma) with a warriors spirit for 26 months.  Forever in our hearts, forever missed!!

Lisa Watkins Daves

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of all our dearly beloved love ones: William Conrad Busch, BL '95, who died on Oct. 17, 2009; grandparents- William H. & Pat Busch, Conrado & Estela Sumanga; great-grand- Charles & Hazel Busch, Lloyd & Lillian Shannon; aunts & uncles- Eddie & Emelita Sumanga, Corazon & Isauro Tabuzo, Raul & Luz Laygo & nephew, Levi Busch, stillborn on Jan. 15, 2017. We are always Thankful to our BL community for th opportunity to allow us to be able to post this remembdance. This means a lot to our family. The Busch Family🙏🏼.

Reese Termulo

We pray for the repose of Reese and so thankful for all the support of the BL community. Pray for all of our healing and they we may find peace by trusting in Your plan for our lives.

Patrick A. Schnitzius, father of Karen, 1968, grandfather, great grandfather, passed away January 19, 2019. Rest In Peace
Nieves Arenas

In memory of Nieves Arenas, our father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who graced us with his wonderful smile and kind heart for 95 years.  We miss you so much!


In loving memory of Alessandra Grace Alexandrou, a beautiful and beloved daughter, sister, friend and classmate, who left us way too soon and is so very much missed every moment of every day. May perpetual light shine upon her, and may her memory be eternal. 

In remembrance:

In remembrance of Monsignor Daniel Patrick Aiden Shanahan, our fabulous Blackfriar director, who died in New Orleans on December 21, 2019. May perpetual light shine upon him forever.


In Remembrance ...

Carl Stoldt
Fermin Rodriguez

May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.