Mr. Gray Huggins

I started with Bishop Lynch High School in November of 2000.  Prior to BL, I worked for i2 Technologies in Las Colinas from 1998 to 2000, as a Software Systems Engineer focusing on Internet Security for eCommerce.  The bulk of my work life was with Texas Instruments were I worked from college graduation from Ole Miss (way back in 1979) until 1998.

My degree is in Computer Science.  With TI, I worked on software systems for manufacturing.  These included imbedded real-time automation, manufacturing control systems, programmable logic controllers, and semiconductor fabrication systems.  I have designed systems and programs implemented in: Pascal, Assembler, C, C++, Java and Smalltalk.  The most significant software systems development over my career has been the adoption of Object-Oriented Technology.  Just go to any search engine and look for "Object-Oriented", you'll be amazed!

Of all the programming languages I've worked with, Smalltalk has had the most profound impact.  It is completely Object-Oriented, and comes with a rich and powerful programming environment.  However, Smalltalk was not destined to "rule the world".  Enter Java.

Java has the luxury of being developed after the explosion of the Internet.  It is designed to be an Internet tool from the ground up.  It is also designed to be Object-Oriented.  Perhaps they learned a thing or two from Smalltalk :-).

I have a wonderful wife, three great boys, and one crazy-go-nuts black lab!  Away from work and family, I can be found riding my bicycle or in the reloading room.

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Gray Huggins, Director of Technology
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